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Reduction in idle Time

Analyze remote workforce productivity

Track the time spent by every employee or analyze time spent on each project, client, or task.

Capture Screenshots

Screenshots are captured in high quality and stored in secured servers. Admins have the option of saving them in their own AWS storage.

Track app and URL activity

Find out where teams are spending their time, and where are they wasting it.

A Teamvue's exclusive feature !

Maximize remote workforce productivity with Teamvue Remote Access. Managers can now remote in to the workstations they need, the moment they need them – without requiring VPN.

See what application your team is working on with one view.

Managers can now see what their teams are working on at any point of the day.

Know when your team arrives

Get a deeper level of employee monitoring by seeing when teams login everyday.

Choose the way you monitor your team

Employees do not see the Teamvue running. Talk to us if you want to push the client using Windows Active Directory.

Daily, weekly, and monthly summary reports are available to help you quickly analyze behavior patterns. Instantly change any habits that waste time or cost excess to the company.

Additionally, you can see how much time is being spent at the computer vs. away and how long breaks last. Hold yourself and your employees accountable for work. Time management doesn't get any easier than this!

Analyze productivity, effectiveness through a consolidated view with detailed charts.

Teamvue’s fascinating designs and detailed reports will give you 360-degree monitoring of your organization's profitable work process

With ondemand access to employee's screen and realtime view of applications used, managers can now

  • Clarify doubts of team members
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Discuss tasks performed by team members.
  • Suggest changes on based on current output
  • Understand the way an employee is navigating a process
  • Intuitive dashboards and reports
  • Measure productivity
  • Analytics for Strategy
  • Evidential information for decision making
  • Availability of teams for new initiatives
  • Build stronger and highly engaged teams
  • Global visibility across processes, teams and locations.
  • Project costings & billing transparency
  • Insight on where overall time is spent
  • Live screenview for collaboration
  • Realtime tracking
  • Realtime attendance
  • Identify genuine superstars
  • Monitor daily weekly monthly productivity
  • Spend less time tracking
  • Focus on tasks
  • Evidence for payroll processing
  • Screenshots for evidence
  • Improve focus and productivity
  • Self realization
  • Share screen with manager for course-correction
  • Spot and eliminate MUDA (waste time)
  • Auto time logging for projects
  • Unlock personal productivity

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Excellent tool for monitoring time and project management. Without Team Vue, Employee monitoring is unbelievably hard to do.

- David Isaac, IT Services

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Robust and Reliable Time Tracker - The product truly sparkles with its simple User Interface and gives a quality user experience.

- Sandeep_M, an Edtech startup

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Team Vue – A Great Software helps in the performance review of remote workers.

- Ashutosh M, Team Leader, BPO Industry

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It is an incredible software with which to stay up to date with projects, tracking of hours spent by each employee, task, project, customer, management of undertakings is a support to work productively.

- Srivani, COO, Cloud services

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Insightful employee monitoring software and extraordinary service. I've been really surprised by the exceptional quality of the support staff. Thank you “Team Vue”

- JustinPaul, Director, ITSM

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Greatest Time Tracker and Project Management Tool.

This software works incredible for my remote business. I can easily track my time and my employers can check I'm making the advancements I claim to make. Support has additionally been extraordinary.

- Brian H, NYC